PGPnet MethodsezPGP for .NET help file
The PGPnet type exposes the following members.

Public methodEquals (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodezChangePass
Change password of PGP key
Public methodezClearSign
Sign file
Public methodezDecryptFile(String, String, String)
Decrypt and verify file
Public methodezDecryptFile(String, StringBuilder, String, String)
Decrypt and verify file
Public methodezEncryptFile
Encrypt file
Public methodezEncryptSign
Encrypt and sign file
Public methodezGetErrMsg
Get detail error message
Public methodezKeyDelete
Delete key
Public methodezKeyExport
Export PGP Key
Public methodezKeyGen
Generate PGP key pair
Public methodezKeyImport
Import PGP key file
Public methodezListKeys(StringBuilder)
List all PGP keys
Public methodezListKeys(String, Boolean)
List PGP keys
Public methodezVerify
Verify file, this function is opposite of ezClearSign
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