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About ezPGP  

There are lots of OpenPGP Compliance softwares in the world. Some of them are free but difficult to use. Some of them are commercial with powerful functions. The list below shows the pros and cons of these software

Free software:

Free of charge
Very hard to use
No support

Commercial software:

Powerful functions
Too complicated to use
High price (especially large number of user license)

ezPGP: a wrapper and serverized version of GnuPG(open source).

Consdering central management and deployment, ezPGP CryptoServer is the unique web-based PGP Encryption software in the world. No client software installation, any employee can protect data any time and any where.
For application and system integration, ezPGP provides win32 API, .Net API library and simplied PGP Commands
Centralized key managemend, or called virtualized or cloud style PGP software
Low price
Support guaranted


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