The Easy PGP Encryption Solutions

ezPGP API for Win32

PGP Functions

int PGPBegin() Initialize PGP
int PGPBeginExt(char *inifile) Initialize PGP
int PGPKeyList2File(char *keyname, int type, char *fname) PGP key list
int PGPKeyGen(char *usrname, char *email, char *keytype, int keylen, int days, char *pwd) PGP key generation
int PGPKeyExport(char *keyname, char *filename, int keypair) PGP key export
int PGPKeyImport(char *keyfile) PGP key import .
int PGPKeyDelete(char *keyfpr) PGP key delete
int PGPChangePass(char *keyname, char *oldpass, char *newpass) PGP key password change
int PGPEncryptFile(unsigned char *inputfile, unsigned char *outputfile, char *keys) PGP file encryption
int PGPEncryptSign(unsigned char *inputfile, unsigned char *outputfile, char *keys, char *signkey, char *password) PGP file encryption and signing
int PGPDecryptFile(unsigned char *inputfile,unsigned char *outputfile,char *password) PGP file decryption and verify
int PGPClearSign(unsigned char *inputfile, unsigned char *outputfile,char *signkey, char *password) PGP file signing
int PGPVerify(unsigned char *infile, unsigned char *signfile) PGP file verify
char * PGPGetErrorMsg(int rc) Get error message


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